Capacity building for ecosystem restoration and enhanced livelihoods

Titre court (sans espaces) / Short Names : Ecosystem restoration Africa
Description du projet / project description : Phase 1 in2012:
(a) Development of training and information materials, and
(b) Organization of a pilot awareness raising and knowledge enhancement programme.
Phase 2 from 2013 to 2015:
(a) Organization of (i) training workshops targeted to trainers,practitioners, indigenous and local communities and the private sector., and
(b) Provision of support to the development and implementation of proposals put forward by participants in workshops and information sessions,
Les personnes à l'origine du projet : Jo Mulongoy
Sarat B. Gidda
Tina K. Mulongoy
Les acteurs du projet /Project actors : Network of experts


A quoi va vous servir l'espace projet ? / goal of the project room   : Identify needs, interested people as resource persons or act
Coordonnées du coordinateur du projet / Project leader mail   : 462 Brock North
Montreal West
A qui s'adresse votre espace projet ? / Audience of the project : Representatives from Governments, NGOs, local communities, private sector, religious leaders, parliametarians, universities and eduction systems


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