Structure : MNHN-UPMC-ULB-Dchang
Courriel/Mail :
Adresse : 22 ter rue de l'étang, 78810
Ville/Town : Feucherolles
Pays/Country : France
Je me présente/presentation : Currently I am doing an international master at UPMC, in Paris focusing on biodiversity and tropical environments. I was able to study and to conduct a field research in Cameroon this year. I looked at the opportunities and the constraints of establishing a REDD+ program in a forest reserve in central Cameroon. This research outlines the diverse ecosystem services and some various issues concerning the tropical forests.Furthermore, this summer, I participated at the Climate KIC Journey. It is a leadership program promoting entrepreneurship towards green innovation in order to tackle climate change. With my team, we built up a project developing Bamboo plantation for sustainable development and as an alternative source of income to decrease deforestation. It is a project that we are currently elaborating more deeply.
Autres informations à partager/Other informations to share : All my past experiences lead me at a stage where I am now, very focused and motivated in getting knowledge and improving tropical environments. I a currently looking for an internship starting in February in one of those areas:• -­‐Quantify the biomass and the carbon in tropical forests• Quantify deforestation and identify the issues and the solutions• Enhancement of the biodiversity in agro-­‐system
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