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Cocoa production schemes and deforestation in Western Africa

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Emplois, bourses et stages / Jobs, scholarship and internship
Description : This mission will last 6 months, based in Paris, with travels to Ghana and / or Dominican Republic.
The internship is under the responsibility of the biodiversity programme of IDDRI.
The general objective of this internship is:
- To produce a synthesis of existing cocoa producing schemes typologies in the existing literature and propose one adapted to the study, especially to the issue of biodiversity / deforestation.
- Complete and adapt the analysis through field missions in Ghana and/or the Dominican Republic with a focus on the impact on deforestation. Fieldwork will allow to check the solidity of the typology, its relevance to tell apart practices in terms of deforestation, and to know more about the producers’ situation in the various production categories, especially with respect to their economic, commercial and social interactions.
The mission will provide the intern with opportunities to be part of a research and intervention project, have their results shared, popularised and used, expand their network, and to be part of a team known for its long-lasting involvement in sustainable policy-making.
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