Joy Jump Australian Standard Jumping Castles

Joy Jump is the only 100% Australian owned inflatable factory to conquer the world to proudly establish Australian name in the world of inflatables.To show the world how unique and great it is to own jumping castles made with Australian standards .The jumping castles and inflatable water slides manufactured under Joy Jump name are under gone various safety testings plus quality inspections in order to Standards are well covered before it is shipped to any customer around the globe either domestic or commercial use you know you get the quality with an amazing ease to pocket prices.
Strict maintenance of quality standards are the main principles of the company and it is the strength in reaching lots f customers across the globe in a short time period .Joy Jump make sure customers will not loose any thing due to poor product quality.The guarantee of the products minimum life time is 2 years but tested and proven life time of the products are 5-7 years.

Joy Jump and its associates have have successfully forged their empire of refractories in Asian giants such as Hong Kong , China ,India and Sri Lanka . Joy Jumps adherence to the tenets of good corporate governance and ethical practices has made it one of the most respected companies in Australia and world wide and has become a corporate inspiration to many others.

The Reason Behind strict Standard guidelines Joy Jump Follows

  • According to recent researches cause of injuries by blow up rides has been rising. An average of 40 children per day are hospitalized out of injuries caused by a Jump House or blow up Castle or even from huge water slides. That is approximately 85,000 children that have been injured from 1990 to 2015.
A boy died in August 2003 in South Yorkshire while a playing inside a jumping castle.

There has been numbers of reports of the malicious deflation of jumping castles while in use due to poor engineering and quality, most famous the Horsington House Hotel incident which injured some people at a birthday celebration.

15 people injured and an eight year old girl was killed when a jumping castle was caught on strong wind and was lifted in to the air and thrown over 50 meters .

The renters of a jumping castle was sued by a boy's parents in 2005 when he somersaulted onto another at a birthday party causing brain damage. How ever an appeal was lodged,luckily the verdict was overturned.

In May 2011 one eight-year-old girl died after falling from a bouncy castle onto a concrete pavement so it raises the importance of finding the correct location and necessary arrangements according the place of set up
more severe standards in the engineering and construction of inflatable amusement rides were adopted nationally in Australia .Around the year of 2005 Federal Standard AS3533.4. was formed , this was a landmark safety standard to bring the tough engineering /design/construction/operation standards to the inflatable industry in Australia.

The European Union (EU) followed and introduced similar standards throughout EU called EN14960:2006 (interwiki inconnu) around the year of 2006 which was then updated to EN14960:2013 (interwiki inconnu) in 2013

In the US, Pennsylvania and New Jersey require inflatables to pass engineering and safety standards before allowing the equipment to be rented out.North Carolina requires amusements rides, including jumping castles and mechanical bulls, to be inspected annually by the NCDOL (North Carolina Department of Labor) . For amusement rides to pass inspection, operators in are required to have all training records, an updated certificate of insurance, and well constructed device manuals. blow up amusement rides that are damaged and unsafe will not pass inspection until they are properly repaired to the safety standards.
Is The Design And Engineering Enough To Maintain Standards ?

When you talk about safety not only the engineering process and stitching process matters it is required to only use commercial grade lead (Pb) free pvc for every product .If use non commercial grade pvc not only it will drastically affect the quality of the jumping castle but also will lead to some severe health conditions such as breathing problems or skin disease if children or even adults use jumping castles made by none commercial grade pvc .This same materials should also used when produce any commercial grade inflatable product such as water slides ,obstacle courses ,or any inflatable game .You should make sure the factory you purchase these inflatable products are using commercial grade pvc and be able to provide valid certificate of proof of the quality of the materials as well as the test reports that the jumping castles and inflatable water slides meet the standards they claim to be .
Strict Maintenance Of Standards

At Joy Jump we produce under strict safety regulations and make sure every thing in order and focus on every minute detail starting from selecting the material until the final stitch is delivered before we ship jumping castles to the customer . mechanical bull for sale cheap All the products will be tested in our factory for 3 days in order to make sure every possible aspect of the safety standards are well covered and the product is safer for our little kids .

Joy Jump is a Australian diversified conglomerate headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The main offices are located in and around the premises however other manufacturing, engineering marketing and production bases are geographically spread around Australia and throughout five different continents.
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