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2017 GTI external call for proposals is open

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : *version en français ci-dessous*
Dear colleagues,
We are happy to inform you that the 2017 Belgian GTI external call for proposals is open! Scientists from the partner developing countries of the Belgian Development cooperation (see list below) can apply for a short-term grant to come to Belgium in 2017 for taxonomic training and access to collections!
The 2017 call aims at funding short-term visits in Belgium for students or young researchers (<40 years old) in order to help building their scientific and technical expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem services and/or access collections in Belgium.
Eligible countries: Algeria - Benin* - Burkina Faso* - Burundi* - Cabo Verde - Cambodia - Cote d'Ivoire - DR Congo* - Gambia - Ghana - Guinea* - Guinea Bissau - Kenya - Laos - Liberia - Mali* - Morocco* - Mozambique* - Niger* - Nigeria - Palestinian Territory* - Rwanda* - Senegal* - Sierra Leone - Tanzania* - Thailand - Togo - Uganda* - Vietnam.
Priority will be given to projects taking place in countries belonging to the 14 priority partner countries of the Belgian governmental cooperation (with an asterisk in the above list).
It is very important that applicants clearly state in their application:
• How they plan to use their projects to advance research in their field;
• How they will disseminate their results (poster, oral communication, teaching,…);
• How their project will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and/or ecosystem services in their country;
• How their project could (in a long or medium term) contribute to fight against poverty in the South.
Applications must be submitted online before 19 February 2017.
More information regarding the call and online application form can be found on our website here:

L'appel 2017 du GTI belge est ouvert du 20 décembre 2016 au 19 février 2017. Les jeunes chercheurs venant des pays en développement partenaires de la Coopération belge (voir liste ci-dessous) qui souhaitent venir en Belgique pour un court stage de recherche taxonomique en 2017 peuvent soumettre leur candidature. L'appel à projet 2017 financera des visites de courte durée en Belgique pour des étudiants ou jeunes chercheurs dans le but de renforcer l'expertise scientifique et technique en matière de biodiversité des partenaires au Sud.

La liste des pays éligibles est : Algérie - Bénin* - Burkina Faso* - Burundi* - Cap Vert - Cambodge - Côte d'Ivoire - Gambie - Ghana - Guinée* - Guinée Bissau - Kenya - Laos - Libéria - Mali* - Maroc* - Mozambique* - Niger* - Nigeria - Ouganda* - R. D. Congo - Rwanda* - Sénégal* - Sierra Leone - Tanzanie* - Territoires Palestiniens* - Thailande - Togo - Vietnam.

Priorité sera accordée aux projets se déroulant dans un des 14 pays prioritaires de la coopération gouvernementale (suivis d'une asterisque dans la liste ci-dessus).

Dans leur dossier de candidature, les candidats doivent clairement expliquer :
• Comment ils prévoient d'utiliser leur projet pour faire avancer la recherche dans leur domaine;
• Comment ils prévoient de disséminer leurs résultats (poster, publication, diplômes, communications orales, etc…);
• Comment leur projet contribuera à la conservation de la biodiversité et/ou des services écosystémiques dans leur pays;
• Comment leur projet pourra (à moyen ou long terme) contribuer à la lutte contre la pauvreté dans les pays du Sud.

Vous trouverez toutes les informations relatives à l'appel à candidatures ici:

Tout dossier de candidature doit être soumis via notre système automatique de candidature en ligne. Chaque candidature doit être complétée d'un curriculum vitae (C.V.) récent et d’une photo.
L’appel est ouvert jusqu’au 19 février 2017.
  • Best regards / cordialement,

Marie-Lucie Susini Ondafe

Belgian GTI NFP Capacities for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (CEBioS)
OD Nature, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Rue Vautier 29, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Email: mlsusini (at) /

African Bird Club Conservation Programme Grant

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : The ABC's Conservation Programme supports small to medium sized conservation projects in Africa. Since 1996, it has supported a wide variety of projects including training courses, research into threatened species and promotion and awareness of conservation issues in Africa. The full list of past projects and some of the final reports can be seen here. 
We currently raise money from sales, donations and corporate sponsorship. Our current budget stands at over £10,000 per annum and the Club welcomes applications for Conservation Awards from individuals or institutions and for the annual Expedition Award. However because demands on the fund are great we do have to turn some proposals down so it is important that applications follow the guidelines below.

African scientists get their own open-access publishing platform

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : Africa’s academy of science has announced that it will launch an open-access publishing platform early next year — the first of its kind aimed exclusively at scientists on the continent.

The platform, called AAS Open Research and announced by the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) in Nairobi on 15 November, is being created with the London-based open-access publisher F1000, adopting the model of its F1000Research publishing platform

Bräute, wenn Sie die Idee eines Hochzeitskleides mit Taschen mögen

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description :
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Call for concept notes: Collaborative research on climate change adaptation in Africa

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : IDRC invites submissions of joint concept notes for the establishment of research consortia under the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA). Details about the call, eligibility, and how to apply are included in the CARIAA call document. Consortia selected through the competitive process outlined in section 7 of the call will receive grants of up to CA$15 million to conduct a common research program on climate change adaptation.

CEPF Grants for Biodiversity Conservation in Algeria and Libya.

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : In support of its strategy to conserve biodiversity in the Mediterranean Basin, CEPF announces the availability of large grants (between US$20 thousand and US$150 thousand) to implement CEPF's conservation priorities in Algeria and Libya. Grants can be made to NGOs, community groups, universities, private enterprises, and individuals.

CEPF particularly encourages proposals that build the capacity of civil society and community groups.

The deadline for letters of inquiry (LOIs) is 28 February 2013.

CEPF Grants for Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : This call for proposal is open for large grants and small grants for all eligible Eastern Afromontane countries: Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Date: Large Grants and Small Grants: 21 February 2013

Deadline: Large Grants: 1 April 2013; Small Grants: 19 April 2013

CRDF Global -- Zoonotic Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa GRANT

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : The U.S. Department of State and the African Biological Safety Association announce the Sub-Saharan Africa Biosafety and Biosecurity Grant Competition.

The competition will provide financial assistance for biosafety/biosecurity upgrades at biological labs in Sub-Saharan Africa, with preference given to labs focusing on zoonotic diseases. Up to five recipients will receive grants of US$10 thousand each.

The application deadline is 31 August 2012.

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund -- Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Afromontane Region

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description :  As an element in its worldwide programs, the CEPF makes grants in support of biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot.

The current announcement is for projects in Burundi, Dem Rep Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe that correspond to the strategic directions indicated in the call for proposals.

The deadlines for letters of interest (English, French) are 31 October 2013 for large grants (over US$20 thousand), and 14 November 2013 for small grants.

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund -- Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity, First Call for Proposals

Type d'actualités / Type of news : Appel à proposition de recherche / Call for Proposals
Description : The CEPF announces its first call for proposals in the period 2012-2017 to support biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Afromontane "hot spot," stretching over a large region from Saudi Arabia to Mozambique. The program is open to NGOs, community groups, private enterprises, universities, and other applicants from civil society. Grants are likely to average US$100 thousand for projects of 1-2 years that focus on priorities identified in the announcement. The deadline for letters of inquiry (English or French) is 19 October 2012

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